Monday, June 27, 2011

iPhone Mania

I have been struck down with iPhone mania. Almost all of my video, lately has been done with the tool that is always on me..... My iPhone 4.

Here are a few examples. Both were filmed using Filmic Pro... an excellent video app! The editing was done rather tediously with the app iMovie (what can one expect. ITS A PHONE!). Color grading was by either 8mm or by Movie Looks .

Finding Isabella 

This was edited while in standstill traffic on our local outerbelt, using iMovie. This was my first use of this app and it felt very cumbersome to use. I muddled my way through it to kind of get what I wanted out of it.  I want to thank the LP truck driver who shut down the freeway for making this possible.

Fountain Delight

Another all inclusive iPhone creation. Shot on Location at Easton Towne Center. Edited on location and uploaded to Vimeo while on location. Shot with Filmic Pro.....Edited with iMovie.....Color graded and stylized with 8mm.

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