Monday, March 19, 2012

Is there always room for J-E-L-L-O ?

Despite the intrinsic insidiousness of the television commercial, most of my generation has been conditioned by countless hours of the wholesomeness of Bill Cosby's pitch, " There's always room for  J-E-L-L-O!". Now when I think of that wiggly, jiggly goodness, I begin to drool over the memory of incredible desserts made with this fruity concoction.
However, in the world of HDSLR CMOS sensors the moniker of "JELLO-CAM" makes the videographer mouth feel like it is full of cotton...... parched........!
Rolling Shutter commonly known as Jello-Cam, I first noticed this phenomenon while viewing some handheld foot shot of my family picking blueberries. While watching the footage there would come waves of slightly disorienting nausea by the seemingly unstable footage.

Things that I found to cut down on the "wobble" .
1: Add some sort of stabilizer i.e....tripod, mono pod, shoulder rig, fig rig, etc,etc....
2: Use a Variable Neutral Density filter to slow the shutter speed down to 50 or lower.
faster shutter speeds really accentuate the rolling shutter.
3: Fix it in post.
4: Wait until a camera comes out that doesn't suffer from jello-cam!

A quick tutorial by Mike Huetz on Vimeo.

Rolling Shutter Fix Tutorial

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